Renewable transportation

It is important to support the shift to renewably powered vehicles to meet our long-term air quality and emissions targets.

Gas-fueled vehicles accounted for approximately 37% of our total emissions in 2017.

Automobiles, while declining in total proportion of journeys, will continue to play an important role in our transportation system for the foreseeable future.

To meet our long-term air quality and emissions targets, we will continue with the direction set out by Transportation 2040, our strategic transportation plan, and shift to renewably powered vehicles.

The transportation system we are aiming for allows for personal freedoms and environmental benefits to coexist, making sure there are many sustainable options to get around that make sense and are comfortable, convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

Imagine a city where the transportation system is efficient, supports a thriving economy while improving affordability, provides citizens the opportunity to be healthy and mobile, and which is powered by renewable energy.

Progress we've made so far

Renewably powered transportation actions

The Renewable City Action Plan contains a schedule of 30 actions related to transportation. The implementation timeframe for these actions are short-term (less than two years), medium-term (two to four years), long-term (over four years), or ongoing.