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Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

Plan for phasing out our single-use by-laws

We’re removing our single-use item by-laws in 2 phases:

  • April 9, 2024: plastic shopping bags, foam containers, plastic straws, and utensils  
  • July 15, 2024: paper and reusable shopping bags

We’re notifying businesses, non-profits, and other stakeholders regarding the transition to provincial and federal single-use regulations, and how this change affects them.

Transitioning to provincial and federal single-use plastics regulations

Provincial and federal single-use and plastics regulations began December 20, 2023. These regulations align with, and extend beyond, our single-use item by-laws. 

To avoid overlap and simplify compliance for businesses and non-profits, we will no longer regulate single-use items. The provincial and federal governments will now regulate single-use items. 

Review the summary of federal and provincial single-use plastic regulations 

The need for provincial and federal regulations

Transitioning to the provincial and federal regulations is a significant achievement for us. We have led the development of comprehensive single-use regulations in Canada. Recognizing we can’t solve the problem of single-use waste and plastic pollution on our own, Council and staff have advocated for these provincial and federal regulations.

What you need to know

Changes in Vancouver with the new provincial and federal regulations

By following our single-use by-laws, businesses and non-profits in Vancouver were already meeting many of the requirements in the new provincial and federal regulations.  

Review a summary of the rules that are new in Vancouver. These don't include rules that were previously in place with our single-use by-laws. 

This is for general information purposes only. If you are a business or non-profit, review the provincial and federal regulations above to make sure you are following their rules.


How we got here: review the Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy by-laws, documents, Council updates, consultation reports, and historic timeline.

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