Group of eight elementary school students seated in desks pushed together

Zero Waste outreach and education

Creating a zero waste community requires everyone living and working in the city to change the way they view and manage waste. We provide outreach and education programs aimed at fostering positive and sustainable behaviour changes towards the goal of zero waste.

As we embark on becoming a zero waste community, public education and outreach are important parts of achieving success.

Our dedicated outreach team is focused on raising awareness and providing education on various waste-related programs and initiatives.

Our objectives

  • Build up waste literacy of the general public, with emphasis on students and newcomers to the City
  • Collaborate internally with other departments and externally with like-minded groups and organizations
  • Foster positive and sustainable behaviour changes towards waste avoidance and reduction, reuse and recycling
  • Encourage residents and organizations to take action through various programs and events
  • Ensure the public understands and complies with regulations and by-laws

Our programs

School programs

We have partnered with environmental educators with the aim to increase waste literacy in the classroom.

Get involved

Subscribe to updates, join us at a drop off event, volunteer for a litter cleanup, share your ideas to reduce waste.