Methane gas capture at the Vancouver Landfill

Zero waste and cross-sectoral

We can accelerate change by being a leader in the use of renewable energy in our operations.

Achieving our zero waste goals means consuming less. This will reduce our overall energy demand, as less energy will be used in the creation, processing, packing, and transportation of goods.

Along with reducing material waste, the waste decomposing in our landfill is a potential renewable energy source.

“Imagine a city where resources are conserved; where materials are shared, reused, or refurbished before they are recycled; where products are repaired and maintained to extend their lives; where less stuff is consumed; a city where energy is recaptured from remaining materials. Imagine a city where nothing is wasted.”​

Zero waste actions

The Renewable City Action Plan contains a schedule of four actions related to waste.

Cross-sectoral actions 

Cross-cutting actions focus on building partnerships, tracking results, and leading by example in the City’s own operations. 

The Renewable City Action Plan contains a schedule of 16 cross-sectoral actions.