Recycling materials in boxes

Zero Waste Demonstration Site

In support of our goal to become a zero waste community by 2040, we are collaborating with the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) to explore transforming our former recycling materials receiving yard, located at 1198 East Kent Avenue South, into a Zero Waste Demonstration Site. 

Once realized, the Zero Waste Demonstration Site could serve as an industrial-sized incubator and demonstration space to: 

  • Enable zero waste and clean technology companies to commercialize (for example, gain partners, investment, customers)
  • Reduce waste to landfill and incinerator 
  • Increase green jobs 
  • Establish technologies that could be scaled up for City operations 

Steps to a Zero Waste Demonstration Site

As a first step, we undertook an exploratory market sounding with the zero waste and clean technology community to understand what resources and infrastructure would be needed for the potential Zero Waste Demonstration Site. 

Our team has analyzed the results from this survey and presented the findings to the City’s steering committee. We are currently working through next steps and hope to share more details soon.

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