Demolition permit with recycling and deconstruction requirements

Responsible demolition

We want demolition materials to be dealt with in a responsible manner:

  • Reusing as much as possible
  • Recycling as much as possible
  • Disposing of hazardous materials properly

We strongly encourage all projects to consider full house relocation where possible. 

We’ve partnered with The Rebuild Hub  to make it as easy as possible for you to deconstruct and salvage materials, which can reduce disposal costs significantly.

Salvage (deconstruction)

A minimum salvage (deconstruction) requirement applies when you demolish a heritage-listed house or a house built before 1910.

Reuse and recycling

Minimum reuse and recycling requirements apply when you:

  • Demolish a house built before 1950
  • Voluntarily choose to meet minimum reuse and recycling requirements if your house was built in or after 1950

Steps to getting a permit

What you need to know

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