Construction street use permit

For other street occupancies on City property that are not construction related, you may need a temporary street occupancy permit

Construction street use permits authorize the use of the street right-of-way including roadways, sidewalks, boulevards, and air spaces above.

New buildings that require shoring, excavation, hoarding (a fence or barrier between a construction site and public space), or scaffolding into City property need to apply for a construction street use permit.

Construction projects that impact public property other than shoring, excavation, hoarding, or scaffolding may also require a construction street use permit. Some of these may include work on sidewalks, traffic lanes, rear lanes, bus lanes, bike lanes, and boulevards. Contact Street Use Review for confirmation.

Steps to getting a shoring and excavation street use permit

Steps to getting a hoarding and scaffolding street use permit

Steps to getting a construction street use permit