Apply for permit fee assistance for your cultural space construction and renovation permits

When you need a permit

Projects that don't require a permit

Many small projects and repairs do not require a permit.  These include:

  • Replacing fixtures, cabinets, or flooring
  • Carry out non-structural maintenance or minor repairs to the exterior of your home
  • Painting
  • Unclogging drains
  • Replacing an existing electric powered hot water tank
  • Replacing defective fuses, receptacles, or switches
  • Installing roofing, gutters or drain-pipes

Generally, for most large projects you will be required to have a permit to begin construction, such as:

  • Building a new house or laneway house
  • Creating a secondary suite
  • Renovating a house where you:
    • Move interior walls and partitions, moving existing plumbing, electrical, or gas lines
    • Install new plumbing, electrical, or gas lines
    • Make structural repairs or changes that are specifically allowed by your zoning
    • Build a garage, carport, garden shed etc. that are specifically allowed by your zoning
    • Build a fence or retaining wall

When in doubt, please contact the Development and Building Services Centre to determine if you are required to have a permit for your particular project.

Risks of working without a permit when it is required

If you or your contractor do not have a permit for work that has already started, and it turns out you need a permit for that work, you could face serious – and potentially costly – consequences, including:

  • A “work without permit” penalty (This is typically double the original permit fee.)
  • A delay while your permit application is processed (All work must stop during this time and the original timeline and fees to process an application still apply.)
  • A potential to remove work that was already commenced prior to obtaining a permit
  • A potential to do more work than you had originally planned and budgeted for, such as adding fire sprinklers or making seismic upgrades
  • Potential for future legal and /or financial issues when selling your property or filing an insurance claim

 As the homeowner, you are responsible for paying these fees or penalties yourself even if you have hired a contractor who assured you that permits were not needed.

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre

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