Fire sprinkler
Trade permits

Fire sprinkler permit

You need a fire sprinkler permit to install a new fire sprinkler system, or make any repairs or changes to an existing fire sprinkler system.

These changes often result from changes to the interior floor plan.

The City is here to help

Using the tools and information below, you can find out if you need a permit for your specific situation, and then apply.

However, if you're still not sure whether a permit is required, you can contact us directly. Our staff can help you determine which permits you need, and help navigate you through the process.

You can also consult a licensed contractor, or apply for a special sprinkler inspection with your building permit application.


Only licensed sprinkler contractors can apply for a sprinkler permit, and do the work covered under the permit.

Your sprinkler contractor must:

  • Have a building permit before applying for the fire sprinkler permit
  • Have a business license from the City of Vancouver
  • Employ, as sprinkler fitters, only trade-qualified people registered with the Province of BC

Process and timeline


Register for an online account and submit your application.​

In person

Prepare these forms and drawings

  1. Download and complete the sprinkler permit application Excel icon (61 KB).
  2. Is the project for a minor renovation, head replacement, or returning a building to its shell? If so, create a sketch that includes:
    • Floor plans (all walls, doors, and windows)
    • Key plan (diagram of project location within building)
    • Existing and new sprinkler head make, model, and locations
    • Address (unit number and floor level)
    • Contractor information

    If not, skip this step.

  3. Is the project for a new one- or two-family dwelling, with a maximum site size of ½ acre or 2,000 square metres? Hire a professional engineer to prepare sealed drawings and calculations.

    If not, skip this step.

  4. Is the project for a new building or major renovation that requires adding or moving sprinkler heads?

    If so, hire a professional engineer to prepare:

    If not, skip this step.

Submit the above forms

  1. Bring your application, supporting documents, and payment to the Development and Building Services Centre (see contact on this page). (Please note: service wait times vary and may be up to 90 minutes.)
  2. Did you skip steps 3 and 4 above? We will likely issue your permit immediately, if your submission is complete and correct.

    Otherwise, allow 2 to 4 weeks for us to process your application, depending on application volume. At this time, we may issue your permit or report back to you with project findings and deficiencies.

Required forms

Permit application fees

City of Vancouver bylaws state that application fees are applied on a building-by-building basis regardless of how many buildings exist on a site.

Fees are calculated separately for each building, enabling a separate permit and inspections.

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre about building and zoning


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