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Trade permits

Plumbing permit

No permit is needed to

A plumbing permit is not needed to replace valves or fix leaks.

  • Repair or replace valves or faucets
  • Repair or replace fixtures, as long as they stay in the same location
  • Clear stoppages in pipes or drains
  • Fix leaks

You need a plumbing permit if you want to:

  • Install, change, or upgrade any part of a  plumbing system
  • Do repair or replacement work, if you have to:
    • Open walls
    • Move pipes
    • Change other plumbing or pipes
  • Install or replace gas-powered appliances such as hot water tanks

The City is here to help

Using the tools and information below, you can find out if you need a permit for your specific situation, and then apply.

However, if you're still not sure whether a permit is required, you can contact us directly. Our staff can help you determine which permits you need, and help navigate you through the process.


You must be a certified plumbing contractor with a business license from the City of Vancouver to apply for a plumbing permit, unless you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You own a detached single family home.
  • You live in that home.
  • The home does not have a secondary suite.
  • No part of the home is rented to another person.
  • You will be doing the work yourself, on your home.
  • You are knowledgeable about this type of work. You will need to meet with and get approval from one of our plumbing inspectors.

If you meet all the above criteria, you may apply for a plumbing permit yourself.


Drawings are always required with applications relating to:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Multi-family buildings
  • New construction

Drawings are often required with applications relating to:

  • One-family and two-family homes

Process and timeline


Register for an online account and submit your application.​

In person

  1. Bring the completed application and any supporting documents to the Development and Building Services Centre. (Please note: service wait times vary and may be up to 90 minutes.)
  2. If you are a homeowner and you want to do your own installation or repair work, complete a homeowner's declaration.
  3. If all of the information is complete and satisfactory, and drawings are not required, the permit will be issued immediately. If drawings are required, they will be reviewed by an inspector. That review typically takes several weeks.
  4. A copy of the permit must be posted at the job site.
  5. You must start the work within 90 days, and request an inspection within 1 year. Otherwise, you will have to get a new permit.

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre about building and zoning


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