Diagram of the zero waste hierarchy as an upside-down triangle, wide at the top, narrow at the bottom, with five layers: avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle and energy recovery, and dispose

Zero Waste 2040

Our vision is for Vancouver to be a zero waste community by 2040.

A zero waste community is a community that supports sustainable resource use, a healthy economy, affordability, vibrant and inclusive neighbourhoods, and equal opportunity through the elimination of solid waste.

Zero Waste 2040 is our long-term strategic plan to become a zero waste community.

The plan includes bold, forward looking policies and actions to help stimulate, support, and allow Vancouver to achieve zero waste. Some of these actions can be implemented right away, while some will lay the ground work to progress and evolve over time. 

Pursuing a zero waste future

As a city we've committed to:

  • Conserve resources
  • Prevent waste of all types, including wasted food at all points between farm and table
  • Compost inedible food or convert it into fuel
  • Repair and maintain products and materials to extend their lives
  • Share, reuse, and refurbish products and materials before recycling them

Zero Waste 2040 actions support the Climate Emergency Action Plan and helps creates a more sustainable Vancouver by:

  • Producing renewable energy
  • Keeping pollution out of the environment
  • Ensuring everyone has access to healthy food
  • Diversifying and grow our economy

Progress we've made so far

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Learn more about Zero Waste 2040

Priorities and background

Learn why we developed Zero Waste 2040, and our approach and our key priorities in moving toward a zero waste future.

Consultation process and documents

Find out what we heard from the public and stakeholders throughout our consultation process and read background documents and information.

Education and volunteer opportunities

Outreach and education

Our dedicated outreach team focuses on raising awareness and providing education on waste-related programs and initiatives.

Get involved

Subscribe to updates, join us at a drop off event, volunteer for a litter cleanup, share your ideas to reduce waste.

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Demolition permit with recycling and deconstruction requirements

Understand the process and get the forms to apply for a demolition permit for one- and two-family homes.


We're working with Metro Vancouver to reduce clothing waste. Clothing and textiles don’t belong in the landfill.

Zero Waste Demonstration Site

We are exploring the transformation of our former recycling materials receiving yard into a zero waste demonstration hub.

Put waste in its place

Keeping Vancouver litter free and our streets, sidewalks, and green spaces clean is our priority.

Food waste prevention and reduction

We aim to keep food from going to landfills or incinerators by preventing and reducing food waste by Vancouver residents and businesses.