Volunteer to help in an emergency - Join the Vancouver Volunteer Corps

Volunteers giving directions at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Do you want to help your community and play a critical role during emergencies and disasters? Are you interested in being an ambassador during major civic events? Are you looking for ways to meaningfully contribute to the community?

The Vancouver Volunteer Corps (VVC) may be the perfect fit for you!

The VVC is designed to harness the power of citizens through education, training, and volunteer service. Together we make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to assist the public during local community events and disasters.

As a volunteer, you can:

  • Become better prepared on a personal level so you can help others
  • Attend training and exercises to learn and practice new skills
  • Support emergency responses
  • Be an ambassador to the community
  • Be part of an incredible team

What's happening

Thank you to everyone that came out to our recent orientation sessions.

We don't have any orientations scheduled at this time and aren't actively recruiting for the program.

Check back later this year for more opportunities!

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All our volunteers must:

  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Live or work in Vancouver
  • Work well in a team environment
  • Enjoy helping others
  • Speak English 


We expect all volunteers to attend:

  • An orientation session
  • At least one training event per year
  • At least two other activities per year (minimum 5 hours)

Once you’ve become a VVC volunteer, we encourage you to join one or more of our specialized response teams to continue enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Learn about specialized emergency opportunities for VVC members

Emergency communications - VECTOR

Vounteer for VECTOR, a community service organzation. VECTOR will set up communications stations in every reception centre or shelter, and provide communications to Emergency Social Services Headquarters and the City Emergency Operations Centre.

Emergency Social Services

Volunteer to help Emergency Social Services during an emergency or disaster in Vancouver: run an emergency evacuation shelter, be on call, join a emergency response team, and more.

Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team

Take intensive training and volunteer with the Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT) to support first responders during disasters.

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

Volunteer to teach others how to prepare for emergencies or other disasters through the Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP).

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Phone: 604-829-4464