Volunteer with Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team

Emergency preparedness volunteers

The Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT) is a team of trained volunteers who support professional emergency responders in times of a disaster, such as an earthquake.

The program is designed to help residents protect themselves, their families, neighbours, and neighbourhoods in an emergency situation.

During a natural or man-made disaster, NEAT is trained to:

  • Use the City's Dedicated Fire Protection System
  • Provide basic medical aid, including evacuating victims and casualties
  • Locate victims and resources
  • Have basic radio skills
  • Operate within the Incident Command System
  • Collect disaster intelligence to support the efforts of first responders like fire, police, and ambulance

Important notice

We're not currently accepting applications while we review the Vancouver Volunteer Corps program in order to better integrate it into the City's overall emergency planning and response capabilities.

Check back for future volunteer opportunities.

Is this volunteer opportunity for you?

To volunteer for NEAT, you should have the time and physical capabilities to complete intensive training.

How to get involved

You must be a Vancouver Volunteer Corps member that has completed the orientation.

NEAT Courses