Restore utility services after an emergency

When you return home after a fire or other emergency, you may see the following on your property:

  • Plastic sheeting may be placed over broken windows and roof openings to partially seal them from the elements.
  • Windows may be broken, and holes may be cut into the roof to provide ventilation for fire to burn upward and not outward. By preventing the outward movement, we are able to control┬áthe fire more effectively, with less damage to the remaining structure.
  • Holes may be cut into the walls to ensure that trace fires are not still hiding inside the walls. If fire is not extinguished inside your walls, it could reignite and cause further damage.

When we fight a fire on your property, we may have disconnected or shut off utility services as a safety precaution or to prevent further damage to the structure and its contents. This section describes how to re-establish utility services.

Restoring your water supply

Once you have checked the pipes for leaks, cracks or other damage, and have had the required repairs completed, contact Water Works to re-connect your water supply.

  • Phone 3-1-1 (Vancouver), 604-873-7000 (from outside Vancouver)

Restoring your gas service

Do not try to restore service yourself. Call Fortis BC or your gas service provider and have a Gas Inspector restore it for you. They will test your supply line and also check your appliances when they restore service.

  • Phone 1-888-224-2710

Restoring your electricity

An Electrical Inspector must check the wiring before the power can be re-connected. Do not try to do it yourself. Do not attempt to operate wet or damp appliances.

  • To arrange an inspection, phone: 3-1-1 (Vancouver), 604-873-7000 (outside Vancouver)
  • To restore your service, phone: 604-224-9376

Restoring your telephone service

Contact your home phone service provider for information or repairs.