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Sustainable development guidelines


Vancouver is leading the way on green building design and construction.

Council's environmental regulations for new buildings are some of the greenest of any city in North America.

Not only has council passed new rezoning bylaws with strict environmental standards, they continue to develop other guidelines, standards, and polices that contribute to further improvements in energy efficiency, including:

  • Passive design guidelines
  • Electric vehicle recharging requirements
  • Guidelines for water wise landscapes.

Sustainable development

Electric vehicle charging requirements

City Council is helping make the transition to cleaner, cheaper electric cars by updating building bylaws to include mandatory charging infrastructure for multi-family homes.

Energy- and water-efficient building design

To help developers and designers create high efficiency homes, offices, and public facilities, Vancouver staff have developed guidelines for passive design and water wise landscapes.

Did you know...


The City built Canada's first multi-unit residential building that generates as much energy as it consumes?

Learn more about this "net zero" building
Electric vehicle charging requirementsEnergy- and water-efficient building design