Peregrine Falcon 2016 City Bird

Birds in our city

English Bay, False Creek, and Burrard Inlet are designated as Important Bird Areas of Canada by Bird Life International.

Our coastline has a high diversity of waterfowl and is home to two globally significant populations of overwintering ducks. 

Birds are important to our city as they are an excellent indicator of a healthy ecosystem – a link between people and local biodiversity.

Our goal is for Vancouver to be a world leader in supporting a rich and diverse group of native birds year-round by 2020. So much so, that we developed the Vancouver Bird Strategy.

Every year we celebrate all things bird, including in 2018 the inaugural Vancouver International Bird Festival and hosting the International Ornithological Congress. 

Download a map and guide to the most common birds in Vancouver (1.8 MB)

Official City Bird

After three weeks of campaigning, Vancouverites voted the Anna's Hummingbird as Vancouver's official city bird.

Vancouver Bird Strategy

The Vancouver Bird Strategy works to create conditions for native birds to thrive in Vancouver.