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Vancouver’s urban forest includes every tree in the city – on streets, in parks and public spaces, and in back yards. 

The urban forest is an important contributor to environmental and social health. Trees clean the air, absorb rainwater, provide wildlife habitat, and improve physical and mental health and well-being. 

We care for the urban forest in many ways, including maintenance and watering, planting, education, and supporting community stewardship opportunities for you to help care for the city's trees. 

Every tree is an important part of Vancouver’s urban forest.

Supporting our urban forest

What we do and ways you can help over the seasons.

Tree sale

The largest gap in Vancouver's urban forest canopy is on private property.

Buy a $10 tree and be an urban forest steward!

Forest Week and International Urban Forestry Congress

A time to plant a tree, connect with experts, or go for a forest walk.

Register to participate in the IUFC 

Forest school for your child

Consider enrolling your child in an outdoor-based daycare or pre-school, or a program like those offered by Fresh Air Learning .

Winter in Vancouver is cold and wet – but it’s the perfect time to plant trees! 

We focus our urban forest restoration planting between October and March to give trees the best chance of surviving our dry summers.

Look for us in Everett Crowley and Jericho Parks.

How you can help improve the health of our urban forest

Tree sale

Is your garden missing something? 

Pick out the perfect tree at the Spring Tree Sale and help grow the urban forest canopy.

Watch for bees and other pollinators

Trees and understory shrubs (shrubs growing in a forest or wooded area) are an important part of pollinator habitat. 

Watch for buzzing around your neighbourhood and garden trees.

Water #ThirstyTrees

Winter rains are long gone and it’s the dry season. 

Our annual summer droughts can be tough on trees – look out for water bags or ‘Water me’ tags on neighbourhood trees and give those #ThirstyTrees a drink. 

Water for five minutes, two times a week and be a tree guardian.

Help remove invasive plants

Invasive plants like Himalayan Blackberry and Morning Glory can make survival difficult for a young tree.

To volunteer to help remove invasive plants:

Contact us


Urban Forest Strategy

Vancouver's Urban Forest Strategy provides tools for growing and maintaining a healthy, resilient urban forest for future generations.

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