Our donors

Thank you to our 2019 donors!

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation is pleased to acknowledge the generous donations made in 2019 by donors who contributed $1,000 or more to the following areas of interest.


Legacy gifts

Since 2006, the following legacy gifts were established to provide sustainable funding for park conservation and recreation programming. 

Alexandra Park

  • Barbara Rogers Endowment

Charleson Park

  • Rev. Valerie Day-Bostrom Conservation Endowment

Coal Harbour Park

  • Galina Tsvasman Conservation Endowment
  • Lee Family Conservation Endowment

Coopers Park

  • Jan Marie Boyd Endowment

David Lam Park

  • Rani Chan Conservation Endowment

Devonian Harbour Park

  • Byrne Family Endowment

Douglas Park 

  • Pearson Family Recreation Endowment

English Bay Beach

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Hassan Samaeian Legacy Endowment
  • Marlene Karas Cossever Conservation Endowment
  • Max Milaney Conservation Endowment
  • Pospischil Family Conservation Endowment
  • Stanchev Family Conservation Endowment

Fraser River Park

  • Boyd Family Conservation Endowment
  • Diane Morrow Conservation Endowment

Hadden Park

  • Cathryn Elizabeth Falle Endowment
  • Lai Chun Ng Family Conservation Endowment
  • Patrick & Louise Foran Conservation Endowment
  • Schoch Family Conservation Endowment

Harbour Green Park

  • Gordon and Marlene Gervin Conservation Endowment
  • Kamarei Family Park Conservation Endowment
  • The Tuey Family Conservation Endowment

Hastings Mill Park

  • Spence Family Conservation Endowment

Hillcrest Park

  • Evan Sahmet Conservation Endowment
  • Sahmet Family Conservation Endowment

Jericho Beach Park

  • Lee Family Conservation Endowment 
  • McQueen Family Endowment
  • Russell Family Endowment

John Hendry Park

  • Rebecca Robbins Park Conservation Endowment

Kitsilano Beach Park

  • Dornan Family Conservation Endowment
  • Hung-Sheng Jimmy and Hsiu-Pi Nadia Chen Conservation Endowment
  • Stan and Norine Johnson Endowment
  • Naylor Family Conservation Endowment

Langara Peripheral Park

  • Dr. Manoo and Jean Gurjar Conservation Endowment

Locarno Beach Park

  • Dolejsi Family Endowment
  • The Gagel Family Conservation Endowment

Morton Park

  • Loo Family Park Conservation Endowment

Point Grey Site Park at Trafalgar Street

  • Shirley and William Read Conservation Endowment

Prince Edward Park

  • Tootill Family Conservation Endowment

Queen Elizabeth Park

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Carewick Family Conservation Endowment
  • Dr. Alphonsus Z. Hui Family Conservation Endowment
  • Ho Family Conservation Endowment
  • Leung Kiu Chun Park Conservation Endowment
  • Margery and Grant McDonald Conservation Endowment
  • Maté Family Park Conservation Endowment
  • Wong Family Endowment
  • Zorko and Esther Mavrovich Conservation Endowment

Quilchena Park

  • Haberl Family Park Conservation Endowment

Renfrew Park Community Centre

  • Estate of Gerald M. Howard

Spanish Banks Beach

  • Anonymous (1)
  • Dr. Robert Wilson and Marilyn Connock Endowment
  • Pat Placzek Conservation Endowment
  • Sourisseau Family Conservation Endowment

Stanley Park

  • Andrew and Crystal Johns Conservation Endowment
  • Arlenn and Eddie Endowment
  • Art and Jean Soper Family Conservation Endowment
  • Aynsley Phelps Conservation Endowment
  • Barb Brown Heron Habitat Conservation Endowment
  • Beedie Conservation Endowment
  • CF Moore Estate
  • Cumming Foundation
  • Dorothy and Paul Ryan
  • Norman and Muriel Down Conservation Endowment
  • Dr. J.W. Martin Kim Inc. Conservation Endowment
  • Friends of the Merilees Trail Endowment
  • Howie Family Conservation Endowment
  • James E. Cooke Conservation Endowment
  • John Brown Family Conservation Endowment
  • Lai Wong Yee Mui Family Conservation Endowment
  • Lau Family Conservation Endowment
  • MacPherson Family Conservation Endowment
  • Mercer/Snook Family Park Conservation Endowment
  • Michael and Patricia Fong Conservation Endowment
  • Mower Family Conservation Endowment
  • Rosa Selent Conservation Endowment
  • Sharon Margaret and Robert Roy Tustin Family Conservation Endowment
  • Spooner Family Conservation Endowment

Sunset Beach Park

  • Tod Thomas Podollan Park Conservation Endowment


  • Herbert Wong Recreation Endowment
  • Gene Mar Endowment for Youth Golf Access



The following parks were enhanced thanks to the generosity of the following families, foundations, and community organizations.

Calisthenic Play Zone - equipment upgrade

  • Mark Lysyshyn

Douglas Park - playground renewal

  • Douglas Park Community Centre Association
  • Tire Stewardship BC Association

Dusty Greenwell Park – park amenity improvements

  • Columbia Containers

John Hendry Park - playground renewal

  • Trout Lake Vancouver Community Centre Association

Oak Meadows Park - field house improvements

  • Vancouver Hawks Field Hockey Club

Stanley Park - lawn bowling improvements

  • Fort Capital Partners

Sunset Park - playground renewal

  • Tire Stewardship BC Association

Vancouver Aquatic Centre

  • Estate of William Edgeworth

Vancouver Parks Foundation

  • Vancouver Foundation



The following tributes received contributions of $1,000 or more.

  • Dennis Barry
  • Candice Man Yee Chiu
  • John Gordon Conlin
  • Sallie McFague



The following parks received donations towards park benches or picnic tables to honour a loved one or to celebrate a special occasion. 

Alexandra Park

  • Shanghai Immigrants Group

Andy Livingstone Park

  • Botchford, Jason (in memory of)

Angus Park

  • Jill Diamond
  • Barry Glotman

Arbutus Village Park

  • Stacey Dallyn

Cardero Park

  • Navin Maharaj
  • The Grandchildren of S. K. Pao

Champlain Heights Park

  • Rosa Woods

Charleson Park 

  • Anonymous
  • Elisabeth Bogner
  • Valley Properties Ltd.

Clark Park

  • John Radosevic

Coopers Park

  • Kaveh Eskandar-Afshari
  • Douglas Mah
  • Lydia Minato

Douglas Park

  • Julia Magee

Emery Barnes Park

  • John Henriksen

English Bay Beach Park

  • Mary Almas
  • Susan Chambers
  • Linda Fraser
  • Diane Gray
  • Gloria Gutman
  • Rick Howard
  • Alvin Kadatuan
  • E. Dawn Macpherson
  • Robert Macpherson
  • Cathy and Neil Macpherson
  • Derek Pinton
  • Rongrong Shen
  • John Thomson
  • Kelly Todd
  • Mary Ann Vickers
  • George Young

Falaise Park

  • Robert Tham

Gordon Park

  • Raymond Lam (in memory of)

Hadden Park

  • Michael Primont
  • Ivana Cappelletto

Harbour Green Park

  • Anonymous
  • Mani Jafari
  • Henry Ku
  • Judith Smith

Hastings Mill Park 

  • Carol Mayer

Jericho Beach Park

  • Mary Simpson
  • Robert Sorrenti

John Hendry Park

  • Anonymous
  • Marlene Rock
  • Evelyne & Donald Sheard

Kerrisdale Centennial Park

  • Kerrisdale Community Centre Society

Killarney Park

  • Southeast Vancouver Seniors' Arts & Cultural Centre Society

Kitsilano Beach Park

  • Linda-Mae Chan-Kent
  • Patrick Coates
  • Tobin Copley
  • Douglas & Valerie Jang
  • Howard Jang
  • Charles Kotzo
  • The May Family
  • Robert Paddon
  • In honour of Christina Rose Roberts (Slivorski)
  • Mirdza Rusko (in honour of)

Langara Golf Course

  • Donald McIntyre

Locarno Beach Park

  • Anonymous
  • Andrea Armstrong
  • Diana De Marchi
  • Marianne Gagel (in memory of)
  • Martin Gagel
  • Roland Gagel
  • Alison Hart
  • Annalisa Zaniol
  • Elizabeth Zaozirny and Family

Maple Grove Park

  • Barb & Mark Mikulec
  • Kathleen and Dennis Bates

Memorial South Park

  • Anonymous

Parksite (Point Grey & Stephens)

  • Wayne Kennedy

Parksite (Point Grey & Trafalgar) 

  • Connie Smith

Queen Elizabeth Park

  • Tara Elie
  • Elite Consulting Group
  • Gladys Lam
  • Randolph Paterson
  • Su Fang Wei
  • Hon King Lau Yeung

Quilchena Park

  • Jane Bryans

Spanish Bank Beach

  • Fritz Buchinger
  • Daniel Overmyer
  • Shirley Tan
  • Karel van Spronsen

Stanley Park

  • Anonymous
  • Anjeet Bains
  • Jerry Baker
  • Diane Bennett
  • Carole Bishop
  • Maria Buston (in memory of)
  • Cedar Springs Foundation
  • Cindy Chamberlain
  • Lawrence Chen
  • Patricia Clark
  • Gordon and Cecilia Conlin
  • Consuelo and Gary Corbett
  • Teresa Dommisse
  • Marilyn Douglas
  • Foreman Equipment Ltd
  • A. Harper Hadden
  • Andrew Hale
  • Gloria Kam Yung Ho (in memory of)
  • Stan Johansen (in memory of)
  • Goran Jovanovic
  • Asha Kisun
  • Andrea Loewie
  • Christine Loewie
  • Michael Love
  • Eric McCormack
  • The grandchildren of Mrs. Lai Wong Yee Mui
  • Patrick O'Neill
  • Lee Ann Ong
  • The Osoko Family
  • Judith Pinch
  • Leta Repp
  • Judy Rinta
  • Dawna Robertson
  • Steve Sangha
  • Frank Scherzer
  • Madelaine Skalnik
  • Gordon Strand
  • Mei Ling Tan
  • Robert Tierney
  • Signy Wilson

Tatlow Park

  • Louise Murray

VanDusen Botanical Garden

  • Peggy Warren
  • Jeanne Jensen

Vanier Park

  • Anonymous
  • Deborah Austin
  • Kux-Kardos Family
  • The Family of Allen Ban Suey Wong

West Point Grey Park

  • Sungkyi Lee