Vancouver's approach to drug addiction

Like other major cities, Vancouver has drug use and abuse.

The effects are mostly visible in the Downtown Eastside - the historic heart of the city - and a community rich in history, architecture, and human diversity.

Drug addiction, poverty, and social breakdown are difficult problems. It is tempting to merely contain or conceal them, rather than face the issue.

But Council is committed to making a real difference...

To help residents who are struggling with the social, health, and criminal problems caused by the drug trade, the City has adopted strategies that have been proven effective in many large cities throughout North America and Europe.

Find the help you need


BC211's "Redbook" is a complete online directory of programs and services in Vancouver for residents with alcohol or drug misuse issues.

Redbook Online

How the City supports residents with drug misuse issues

Four Pillars drug strategy

Vancouver's Four Pillars Drug Strategy is a coordinated, comprehensive approach that balances public order and public health in order to create a safer, healthier community.

Safe injection site and needle exchange

Safe injection sites help decrease the adverse health, social, and economic consequences of drug use without requiring abstinence.

Safe injection site and needle exchangeFour Pillars drug strategy