Mental health

Mental health and addiction

Mental illness and substance misuse affect residents from all corners of the city, regardless of age, race, sex, or income.

The City has taken steps to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and drug use - and ensure that people get treatment - without sacrificing personal security.

Council is working to:

  • promote healthy families and communities and protect child development
  • make sure individuals have access to services that help them lead healthier lives
  • reduce the spread of deadly communicable diseases, and prevent drug overdose deaths
  • recognize the need for peace and quiet, public order, and safety

Mental health and addiction resources


Find local or provincial support, detox, and recovery services for Vancouver residents experiencing alcohol misuse issues.


We're at the epicentre of an opioid crisis. Our steps to increase access to a safe supply and support the community.


There are a number of local and provincial resources available to help someone experiencing gambling related harms.

Home Action Response Team

Learn how the Home Action Response Team (HART) helps improve health and safety, and how to get help for someone impacted by compulsive hoarding.

Find the help you need


BC211's "Redbook" is a complete online directory of programs and services in Vancouver for residents with alcohol or drug misuse issues.

Redbook Online