Empower residents to take action

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The most effective community food systems are shaped by the people who live there.

But before you take action, you need to know where your neighbourhood's food system stands: what food resources are available, and where gaps exist.

Knowledge can come from accessing community-based programs, such as neighbourhood food networks, Vancouver Food Policy Council activities, and other food-focused organizations.

Whether you are looking for a directory of local food initiatives and organizations, or details on City policies and regulations, information should be easy to access, and available in multiple languages and formats.


Current programs that are helping the City reach this goal

Vancouver Food Policy Council

Advises City Council and staff on improving food sustainability in Vancouver, including program and policy changes to improve the local food system.

Personal use gardens

Learn how to grow local vegetables, fruits, and flowers without harmful pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Follow the Food Policy Group

Food strategy targets

By 2020, the City aims to increase the number of:

  • Community garden plots from 3,640 to 5,000
  • Urban farms from 17 to 35
  • Farmers markets from nine to 22
  • Community food markets from 4 to 15

What feeds us: Vancouver Food Strategy

Read the Vancouver Food Strategy, and learn how Vancouver is building a healthy, accessible, sustainable food system.

Download the pamphlet

Download the strategy