Food safety


While Council is concerned about the health and safety of all Vancouver residents, food safety in restaurants is overseen by the Province.

In Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is responsible for inspecting the city's restaurants, to ensure that your food is being prepared in safe, sanitary conditions.

Public health inspections

VCH conducts over 16,000 inspections of restaurants, food facilities, and stores each year. They also educate food handlers and consumers about safe food handling practices.

Inspections are done on a regular basis - as well as when they recieve a complaint.

After each inspection, VCH inspectors issue a report to either confirm the establishment complies with regulations, or tell the establishment's owner what needs to be improved.

Review inspection reports for Vancouver restaurants

If you would like to see copies of VCH's restaurant inspection reports, you can review them all on their website.

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