Food strategy goals

Vancouver's food strategy goals express how the City wants the food system to take shape in the future.

Together, these goals address five areas of focus:

  • Food production
  • Food processing and distribution
  • Food access
  • Resident empowerment
  • Food waste management

To learn more about each goal, including related priority actions that the City plans to take, click the links below.

Food strategy goals

Food-friendly neighbourhoods

Learn how Vancouver council will make it easier to find healthy food options in neighbourhoods across the city.

Empowered residents

Learn how Vancouver council will ensure residents can access the knowledge needed to help shape the food system, and make healthier eating choices.

Improved access

Learn how Vancouver council will enhance access to healthy, affordable, culturally diverse food for all residents.

Green economy

Learn how Vancouver council will create food-related jobs and support social enterprise models like food hubs to make food central to its green economy.

Just, sustainable system

Learn how Vancouver council will advocate for a just and sustainable food system with other levels of government and other key partners.

Follow the Food Policy Group

Learn about urban agriculture in Vancouver

What feeds us: Vancouver Food Strategy

Read the Vancouver Food Strategy, and learn how Vancouver is building a healthy, accessible, sustainable food system.

Download the pamphlet

Download the strategy