Fresh salad in a shallow white bowl

Vancouver Food Strategy

The Vancouver Food Strategy is a plan to create a just and sustainable food system for the city, and helps us to meet our social, environmental, economic, and health goals.  

It builds on years of food systems initiatives and grassroots community development, and considers all aspects of the food system - from seed to table to compost heap and back again.

We all have a stake in our food system and contribute and benefit in many ways, whether it is:

  • Having more opportunities to grow our own food
  • Having a local food market within walking or cycling distance
  • Helping improve access to affordable food
  • Participating in community composting programs
  • Taking part in community food celebrations

Strategy goals

Our strategy goals express how we want the food system to take shape in the future.

About the strategy


How we got here: review the Vancouver Food Strategy documents and history.