Council priorities

Deliver quality core services
that meet residents' needs

Address affordability
and the housing crisis

Protect and build
a resilient local economy 

Increase focus
on equity and
critical social issues

Accelerate action
on climate change

We will be flexible and quickly adjust within each priority to best support recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Primary priority: Council and staff share the same primary priority: to maintain and improve the core services that meet your needs every day.
  • Additional priorities: The four additional priorities help us make decisions about which projects, initiatives, and service improvements we should focus most on.

While developing departmental service plans and budgets for 2021, we worked to align our efforts — both existing projects and ongoing work, as well as new initiatives — to Council’s priorities.

How the planned initiatives in the 2021 Budget support the Council Priorities

Learn more about how the planned initiatives for 2021 align to the priorities:


City Council approved five priorities in July 2019 to help guide staff in developing the annual budget. Minor updates to the priorities for 2021 were approved in July 2020. Public feedback from our annual budget survey confirmed these priorities.