The Digital Strategy is making it easier to interact with us on digital channels using your smartphone and tablet.

How the Digital Strategy benefits you

You work hard. Your free time is precious. You want easy, efficient ways to get service from and communicate with us.

Here are some of the new services, platforms, and infrastructure we're delivering to create an open, connected, and digitally-enabled Vancouver for you.

Look up City information that's optimized for your smartphone and tablet

In 2014 you viewed it on your mobile device because it works well on smaller screens and cellular data plans.

Now you can request services and get alerted to emergencies on the Van311 app on your mobile device.

Get alerts for your collection day

In 2012 you looked up garbage day with the paper calendar on your fridge – and maybe forgot to put our your bins and blue box until it was too late.

Now you can get notified from the VanCollect app the night before garbage day so you never miss a pickup.

Access free WiFi at most City facilities

In 2012 you got free wireless internet at the library, City Hall, and the Park Board Administration Office.

Now you can access #VanWiFi at several additional City owned facilities with our #VanWifi project.

Soon you'll get to log on at more locations in community centres, parks, pools, rinks, golf courses, theatres, marinas, and other City facilities.

Apply for many permits and licences online

In 2012 you got dog licences, business licences, and residential parking permits in person when we were open. You phoned 3-1-1 to book permit inspections and waited to get results.

Now you can get these online, plus trades permits, too, on your own schedule. You also get inspection results faster.

Soon you'll be able to apply and pay for almost any City permit and licence online, including book inspections.

Grow your digital start-up by using City assets for your product trial

In 2012 you asked us to support your proof of concept, but we had no formal process so our support was ad hoc and inconsistent.

Now you can demonstrate your technology on our buildings, streets, vehicles, and more in our Green and Digital Demonstration Program with Vancouver Economic Commission.

Share your views on City issues anywhere you are

In 2012 you attended open houses in person to learn about and comment on changes in your neighbourhood. You also phoned 3-1-1 to report problems and request City services.

Now you can comment on trending civic topics – from anywhere on your mobile device – with our TalkVancouver online questionnaires. You can also request services and get alerted to emergencies on the Van311 app on your mobile device.