Money in: Funding the budget

2020 operating revenue, $1,615 million

55% -  Property tax

20%  - Utility fees

6% - Licence and development fees

5% - Parking

4% - Program fees

4% - Cost recoveries, grants, and donations

3% - Rental, lease, and other

1% - Investment income

1% - Revenue sharing

1% - By-law fines

To fund our annual budget, the majority of the money we use to run the city comes from property taxes and utility fees collected from homeowners and businesses. The remainder comes from:

Where do my property taxes go?

About half of the property taxes collected funds city services; the rest goes to the Province and other taxing authorities including regional services such as transit, supplying drinking water, and treatment of wastewater.

27% -  Provincial school taxes

14%  - Metro Vancouver (tax and utilities)

6% - Translink

1% - BC Assessment and Municipal Finance Authority

52% - City of Vancouver (tax and utilities)

 2019 data, based on the median, single-family home

How does the 2020 Budget affect my property taxes?