Smart Cities Challenge

Smart cities have the potential to improve all aspects of livability and opportunity in a city.

We've joined the Smart Cities Challenge

The City of Vancouver is competing for $50 million in the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge . The competition recognizes Canadian cities that use data and connected technology to address local issues.

Smart cities have the potential to improve all aspects of livability and opportunity in a city: how we move around and communicate, our environment, and more.

What's your bright idea?

We have partnered with the City of Surrey to compete for
$50 million in the Smart Cities Challenge, and we have been selected as one of the five finalists for the top prize. We want your ideas.

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What qualifies as a smart city?

Connecting you to mobile applications like VanConnect, which provides access to City Hall services on the go, is an example of how Vancouver is digitally transforming into a leading smart city. 

Look how we've used technology and data to improve connection and convenience so far:

WiFi for everyone

Free #VanWiFi in more than 550 public spaces across the city.

Wired bike sharing

More than 400,000 car-free trips in the city with Mobi by Shaw Go.

EV plug-ins

Electric vehicle charging stations at more than 250 locations.

Smooth traffic

Streaming video feeds from busy intersections help route planning.

Ask, act, participate

Mobile push and pull updates with the VanConnect app.

Quick response

City vehicles run quicker with biodiesel and GPS technology.

EV charging stations in the city in 2018
public WiFi locations in Vancouver
million users of our city website in 2017
downloads of the VanConnect app in 2017


What makes us so smart?

Watch and discover for yourself. #SmartCitiesCanada

View the slideshow

Cover slide of Jessie Adcock's slideshow, Smart City: The City of Vancouver Digital Journey

Technology is transforming cities

How is it transforming Vancouver? Join Jessie Adcock, City of Vancouver's Chief Technology Officer, on a journey into our city's future. 

View the slideshow (42 slides) PDF document (3.34 MB)

Watch the videos

New tools for a digital journey

Meet Sadhu, Charles, Justin, and Tina. They work with the City of Vancouver and they use some digital tools you might not expect.

Watch the short clips on our Smart Cities playlist 

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