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Area planning: Northeast False Creek

A vibrant, connected new neighbourhood

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The future Northeast False Creek will accommodate new growth close to jobs, amenities, and services. We have the opportunity to create a connected, complete neighbourhood that respects the history of nearby areas like Chinatown, the Downtown Eastside, and Main Street.

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New housing, parks, and amenities

There will be two new areas for housing:

  • Near the stadiums and the Plaza of Nations
  • On two blocks located Main Street between Prior and Union streets

The new residential space provides an opportunity for a mix of new housing opportunities, including affordable homes as per our Housing Strategy

Over 500 affordable homes have been built as part of the False Creek North Official Development Plan. Six affordable housing sites remain to be developed, with a requirement for nearly 600 additional affordable homes. 50% of these should be suitable for families with children.

We will consider new parks and amenities for people living in the area in the future, such as child care, community space, and new local services.

Northeast False Creek: housing and amenity sites

By City of Vancouver


  • 2 City-owned blocks - 100 & 200 East Prior St

    By City of Vancouver

    By replacing the viaducts with a ground level street network, we will be able to transition 3.3 acres of land from the street for housing, amenity, and reconnecting local businesses to Main Street. Currently, we anticipate that 200-300 affordable housing units can be built here as per the Northeast False Creek Conceptual Plan (2015) (PDF, 4.3 MB).

  • Future neighbourhood

    By City of Vancouver

    The privately owned land on the west side of the area will have an affordable housing requirement of 20% of floor area, consistent with Council policy. Further analysis will help us determine the best mix and location that serves local needs. 

Sustainable living

Green buildings

Green buildings

Strategies for achieving zero emissions new buildings were developed specifically to ensure comfortable and healthy indoor environments, maximize local economic development, ensure long-term building resilience, protect housing affordability, and to facilitate achieving our Renewable City Strategy target to have all buildings in Vancouver use only renewable energy by the year 2050.

Private buildings

The ambitious Zero Emission Building Plan adopted by Council in July 2016 set a target to reduce emissions from new buildings by 90% as compared to 2007 by 2025 and to achieve zero emissions for all new buildings by 2030. The existing Rezoning Policy for Green Buildings will be revised in 2016 along with the Vancouver Building Bylaw to move towards targets established in the Zero Emission Building Plan. Targets applicable to buildings in NEFC area are those set for buildings connected to a renewable neighbourhood energy system.

Public buildings

City owned buildings are to be Certified to the Passive House standard or alternate zero emission building standard, and use only low carbon fuel sources, in lieu of certifying to LEED Gold, where feasible.


Adapting to climate change

Adapting to climate change

Northeast False Creek is identified as an area which is subject to flood construction level (FCL) requirements to prepare for future sea level rise.

Some of this protection planning could include:

  • Buildings being raised to prepare for an increased flood plain
  • Seawall design
  • Naturalization of the shoreline


Neighbourhood energy

Neighbourhood energy

Northeast False Creek has been identified as a location for a new renewable neighbourhood energy system. The west side is currently connected to the Central Heat System, which is working on transitioning to renewable energy. We are working to transition the remainder of the area to a new neighbourhood energy system provided by Creative Energy.


Documents and studies

View the policies, strategies, studies, and public feedback that have shaped Northeast False Creek.