City-owned or City-leased properties

The City of Vancouver owns more than 300 buildings and properties that are available to film companies for rental. Most civic properties are under the responsibility of the City's Building Management division in the Corporate Services department. The department is also responsible for parking areas, grounds and parks associated with these buildings. 

Available times

The City of Vancouver makes civic buildings available for filming whenever possible. However, civic buildings tend to be heavily used spaces and cannot always accommodate the demands and disruptions of filming.

A number of civic buildings operate during the normal Monday to Friday work week. However, there are many that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Filming in building entranceways, interior public areas and office spaces can be scheduled after office hours or on weekends.

Acceptable uses

The City discourages the use of civic building space for use as dressing rooms, washroom facilities, or food services. However, any requests for facilities would be considered. 

For more information on which civic properties are available and the guidelines that apply to their use, see the Civic Building Properties List and Guidelines.

Download the Civic Building Properties List and Guidelines 

City Hall

For filming in or around the main City Hall building, contact the Film Office.

Mountain View Cemetery

The Mountain View Cemetery can be used for filming as long as the filming does not interfere with the normal operation of the cemetery. Funerals have precedence over filming and all filming and related activities must cease during the interment. All filming related equipment and staff must leave the vicinity of the internment. 

Alternatively, the filming will be postponed to a more favourable time at the discretion of the Manager of Mountain View Cemetery.

Applying to film

You must arrange for an on-site meeting at least five (5) working days prior to the filming date to clearly communicate all events related to the proposed filming. 

Subsequent to this meeting, you must provide a filming proposal map and a list of all equipment to be placed within the cemetery grounds; include details such as:

  • Intended location - showing set, placement of equipment such as lighting, generators and vehicles, and including specific details of driving shots or special effects.  It should also specify the roads to be used for storage and the intended route(s) for the actual filming.
  • Tents and shelters - showing the number, size and location of each


You must complete the Filming Insurance Certificate and return it to the Film Office before final approval to film at the Cemetery is granted. For additional information, refer to “Application to Film in the City of Vancouver”  .

Download the Filming Insurance Certificate 

Site requirements

  • The cemetery is a public place. You may not deny cemetery access to any person.
  • The cemetery is located beside a residential neighbourhood and is subject to standard City filming curfews.
  • The cemetery does not provide access to electrical connections.
  • Any other services and equipment needed, and their fees, may be negotiated with the Manager of Mountain View Cemetery.
  • You are responsible for repairing any damage to the turf, trees, shrubs and roads as a result of filming activity. The work must be completed to the satisfaction of the Manager.
  • You will be charged for clean-up of any garbage or other debris remaining after the filming activity is completed.
  • The City of Vancouver, Mountain View Cemetery, and their employees are not responsible for the security of equipment, tents, shelters or vehicles left within the boundaries of Mountain View Cemetery.
  • Opening graves is not permitted.

Ready to apply for your filming permit?

If you are ready to apply for your filming permit now, click the link below to go directly to the online application.

Apply to film

 If you are filming in a park, you will also need to fill out the Park Board's filming application.

Apply to film in parks

Contact the Film and Special Events Office

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Fax: 604-257-8859

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Contact the Park Board Special Events Office

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