Other requirements

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Depending on the specifics of what you plan to film, you may not need to get all of the permits listed below. Every filming project will need certain ones, however.

Business license (required)

Business licences for the city of Vancouver are valid until December 31st of the year in which they have been issued.

For more information, see the page Get a business licence.

Electrical permit for filming (required)

Electrical permits for filming are valid for a specific period of time, up to 90 days (temporary permit), or for a full year (annual permit). The fees vary with the type of permit.

For more information, see the page Electrical permit (for filming).

Fire hydrant use permit (optional)

To use a hydrant, you must have a permit from the Sewer and Water Connections counter (of the City of Vancouver's Engineering department).  In addition to the hydrant permit fee, a refundable deposit is required.

This permit can be applied to a maximum of four hydrants and is valid for two months.

For more information, see the page Fire hydrant use permit.

Insurance requirements (required)

The City of Vancouver requires that the "Proof of Insurance Coverage for Film Companies" form is completed by the insurer or an authorized licensed insurance agent and submitted to the Film Office before filming activities begin.

License agreement with the City (optional)

If filming is to take place for five or more consecutive days, or for six or more calendar days in a year, applicants are required to enter into a license agreement with the City. Permission to begin filming will not be granted until this agreement is executed by the authorized signatures of your company.

Upon receipt of your completed application form we will forward it to our Legal Services team who will begin to prepare the agreement and will contact you to obtain further information as needed.

Preparation of the agreement will take about two weeks and then the Legal Services team will forward the agreement to you for execution. If you have any questions about the license agreement, please call 604-873-7512.

Street use permit (optional)

If street space is required for the parking of vehicles, picture continuity or equipment placement, a street use permit should be submitted for approval, along with the film locations worksheet. The Vancouver Film Office will then issue street use permits in conjunction with a film activity permit.

Locations at which street space is occupied or other City services are required will receive at least one street use permit. The amount of street space being used and the types of City services required will determine the number of permits required.