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Find and change property information and get a tax certificate

We send tax notices to the mailing address we get from BC Assessment.

If you change your address with another City department, this does not result in a change of address for your property tax notice, Vacancy Tax notice (Empty Homes Tax), utility bills, or BC Assessment notice.

What is relevant to your property tax notice:

  • Your mailing address 
  • Your land title 

How much do you owe?

Set up an online account. You will need your access code. It can be found on your tax notice.

Log in to your account

Get your property tax account balance. No login or registration required.

Find out how to:

Update your address using the Change of Address Notification Form 

This will change your mailing address for your property tax notice, Vacancy Tax notice (Empty Homes Tax), BC Assessment notice, utility bills, and related correspondence. 

Who can change the mailing address

Only a property owner is allowed to change the mailing address. Tenant requests to change the mailing address for either the tax notice or utility bill can not be processed by us or BC Assessment.

The only exception is for strata complexes of three or more units. Owners and property managers may change the mailing address.

Change a strata mailing address or management company

 If you change your address, the change may not be reflected on your next tax notice.

Important tips to filling out the form correctly

  1. Type 09 and 200 for the first two boxes of the Assessment Roll Number.
  2. Type your property's 15-digit roll number, without dashes or spaces, in the last box of the Assessment Roll Number.

    Use the picture and steps below to complete the Property Identification section of the form.

How to find your assessment roll number

The assessment roll number is the three-digit neighbourhood code followed by the 12-digit folio number. You can find the roll number:

  1. At the top of your BC Assessment Notice
  2. On BC Assessment's e-valueBC website, by entering your property address
  3. By phoning 3-1-1 (604-873-7000 outside Vancouver)

To change the name on your land title, or to register any changes to the ownership of a parcel of land, contact the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC .

The Vancouver Property Information Report can show you:

  • Gross taxes levied
  • Legal description of a property
  • Assessed property value
  • Folio number
  • Average property value
  • Other charges
  • Property class

Find property information

If you’re looking for a tax certificate, you can find one from:

Contact one of the above organizations to set up an account.

You can also buy tax certificates from us in person by visiting the Property Tax Office on the main floor of City Hall.


Change a strata mailing address or management company