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Claiming your home owner grant

Claim your home owner grant online. Starting 2018, there is no longer the option to mail in your grant.

Property tax due dates

Advance taxes:  February 4, 2019

Main taxes: July 4, 2018

Home owner grant: July 4, 2018

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How much do you owe?

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The home owner grant is a provincial program that helps reduce the amount of residential property tax you pay.

Tips for claiming your grant:

  • You must apply for your home owner grant each year
  • Check if you're eligible and for which grant amount
  • If you pay your taxes at your financial institution, submit your home owner grant to us separately; financial institutions no longer accept home owner grants

To avoid a 5% penalty on the outstanding property tax balance, make sure we receive your claim by the tax due date.

Claim your grant online

Claim your grant

Claim your home owner grant online and get instant confirmation.

Are you eligible?

Reduce the amount of property tax you owe. See if you qualify for a basic or senior/additional home owner grant.

Retroactive grant

Certain property owners can apply for a missed grant from the year before. Learn how to apply.

Grants for other types of housing

Co-op housing grant

If you own a share in a co-op, you have to claim your home owner grant and pay your property tax. The grant form must be completed jointly by the co-op members.