Vancouver Animal Services fines and fees

Pickup (impound) fees for dogs

If your dog is picked up (impounded), it will be brought to the shelter. The fee to retrieve your dog depends on if it is licensed and aggressive.

Unlicensed dog $188
+ licence fee $45
Unlicensed aggressive dog $443
+ licence fee $45
Licensed dog $96
Licensed aggressive dog $348
Fowl, other Bird, rabbit or rodent $16
Reptile or other animal $93

Note Tax is not charged on pickup fees.


Boarding and maintenance fees for dogs

  Daily fee
Regular dog $25
Aggressive dog $33
Microchipping $16

Note Taxes are extra.


Boarding and maintenance fees for other animals

  Daily fee
Exotic bird $16
Rabbit $5
Reptile $34
Rodent $5
Other animal $34
Other bird


Note Taxes are extra.


Contact Animal Control

1280 Raymur Ave
Vancouver, BC V6A 3L8

Fax: 604-871-6862

Animal Control hours


7 days a week
10am to 6pm

Adoption and viewing

Tuesday to Sunday
10am to 6pm

All areas are closed on holidays.