A tree lined street in Vancouver

Vancouver's Urban Forest Strategy

Every tree is part of the urban forest. Help grow the forest canopy and reach our goal of planting 150,000 trees by 2020.

trees planted since 2010

The vision of the Urban Forest Strategy is to protect, plant, and manage trees to create a diverse, resilient, and beautiful urban forest on public and private lands across the city.

Vancouver’s urban forest includes every tree in our city – on streets, in parks, public spaces, and back yards. Our urban forest plays important environmental and social roles: it cleans the air, absorbs rainwater, provides bird habitat, and improves our health and well-being. 

We recognize there are competing values and objectives in dealing with trees. The new strategy will provide a clear and balanced approach to protecting and expanding the urban forest in our city.

Urban Forest Strategy: in-depth

Related initiatives and bylaws

Help grow the urban forest canopy: Branch Out

We care for 450,000+ trees of Vancouver's urban forest. Learn about what we're doing, and how you can contribute.

Protection of Trees By-law

Preserves, protects, and strengthens our urban forest, while permitting property owners to remove trees for property maintenance and development.

Coolkit (external website)

Equipping citizens and communities with the skills they need to evaluate and improve the canopy cover in their neighbourhood.