ActiveNet reports: training materials for associations

On this page, find help guides and other information for associations about ActiveNet reports.

Financial reports: presentations for bookkeepers

Other reports: help guides for presidents

Get support

General questions and feedback

To get in touch with questions and feedback, and to discuss your site’s data, speak first with your site supervisor.

If they are unable to assist or find the information you’re looking for, they will get in touch with the ActiveNet project team who will follow up.

ActiveNet reports and logins

To schedule ActiveNet reports, discuss your information needs, request access to new reports, or request a login to ActiveNet, contact the IT Help Centre at and include the subject line “Association Reporting Request”.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have an ActiveNet question about:

  • Privacy and security
  • Training
  • Financial and accounting information
  • Data and access
  • Registration, programming, and bookings
  • Memberships

Get answers in the ActiveNet FAQ PDF file (270 KB)