Leisure Access Agency Pass

Agency Pass

The Agency Pass gives free and reduced cost access to basic recreation services at Park Board facilities to non-profit or government staff and volunteers when they accompany and assist clients who live in the City of Vancouver.

Non-profit and government agencies can also help enroll clients in the Leisure Access Program, a similar subsidized recreation pass with more benefits and discounts.

What's happeningRenew your pass for 2022

It's time to renew your Agency Pass for 2022. Passes will expire December 31, 2021.

Starting with 2022 renewals, the Agency Pass will be a green OneCard.



Free admission and rentals

  • Public swim admission
  • Public skate admission
  • Skate rentals during public skating sessions 
    • Staff or volunteer (age 16 years and older) for admission when accompanying client(s)
    • Ratio of one staff or volunteer to 10 clients (ages 9 years and older)
    • Ratio of one staff or volunteer to 5 clients (ages 8 years and younger)

50% subsidy

  • Fitness centre admission for the client
    • 13 years of age and older
    • Ratio of one staff or volunteer (age 16 years and older) to 3 clients

 Flexipass and community centre programs not included.


Show the pass every visit

Each time you come with your clients, you need to bring the Agency Pass.

Staff to client ratios

Tell our facility reception desk staff how many staff (or volunteers) and clients there are in your group.

Follow this staff-to-client ratio:

Activity Staff-to-client ratio
Public swim and public skate session (age 9 and older) One staff per 10 clients 
Public swim and public skate session (age 8 and younger) One staff per five clients 
Fitness centre drop-in One staff per three clients

Groups with 10 or more clients

Contact the recreation facility in advance to make a group booking or you may get turned away. Bookings depend on available space at the swim and skate sessions.

Cards aren't transferable

The Agency Pass can't be given to another organization or person. Misused cards will be confiscated.

Cards are for agency use only

Staff and volunteers may only use the Agency Pass to accompany and assist their clients at Park Board facilities. The pass is not for personal use.


The Agency Pass is available to non-profit organizations that

  1. Serve residents of the City of Vancouver
  2. Have clients that require support to access facilities and services
  3. Serve clients and participants whose limited income is a barrier to participation in basic recreation services

 Childcare Enhancement Grants recipients are eligible for an Agency Pass unless the childcare is operated by a community centre association.

Non-profit agencies can also help enroll clients, especially those 13 years of age or older, in the Leisure Access Program, a similar subsidized recreation pass with more benefits and discounts.


  • New applicants: Email lap@vancouver.ca and provide the most recent annual report, financial statement, board of directors contact information, and agency references in your application.
  • Returning applicants: The Leisure Access Office will mail you a renewal application in October. Agency Passes expire on December 31.

Pick up your Agency Passes at the community centre you indicated in your application.

Contact us


Get a replacement card

Report your lost or stolen OneCard with the Agency Pass to the Leisure Access Office at lap@vancouver.ca.

Replacement Agency Passes cost $5 while they're valid.