Three ambulances parked at VGH Emergency with paramedics in the background

Collision data

Transportation related injuries are the second highest cause of serious injuries arriving at hospital emergency departments.

We use collision data to:

  • Identify key safety issues
  • Prioritize intersections and corridors in need of detailed safety assessments
  • Develop effective safety strategies
  • Monitor our progress

Get the numbers

To better understand transportation related collisions and avoid any gaps in our analysis we are currently reviewing a variety of data sources:

Current data trends

Traffic Related Fatalities
Fatalities by city
Serious Injuries
Traffic Related Fatalities

Other data sources we are exploring

To understand traffic related injuries, we are looking at the following data sources from our health partners:

  • Hospital injury data
  • Ambulance data

Injuries and fatalities in 2021 in Vancouver

serious injuries that require admission to hospital
minor injuries receiving treatment at hospital

Percentage of injuries and fatalities based on age or mode of travel

of pedestrian fatalities were seniors (65+)
of serious injuries and fatalities involved pedestrians or cyclists
of pedestrian serious injuries and fatalities occurred after dark