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Transportation project template - delivery phase

Full-width introduction, one to two sentences per point – keep it brief:

  • What is this project about?
  • Why is it happening?
  • How will people who are affected benefit?
  • What important terms need defining? Define them inline, in context. Avoid a separate block for definitions.

Possibly replace with "what you need to know" summary block

What's happeningFull-width latest update

  • What's going on with this project?

Upcoming design shift: primary content block


The next three sections can have flexible widths (⅓, ½, ⅔, full) to make room for projects with complex details.


A few words about the project area

View a larger map (xx KB)

Work hours

Monday to Friday: 7am to 5pm, extended hours as needed

Weekends: as needed

How this project may affect you

These sections can be re-ordered and removed based on user needs. Additional sections could include: noise, vibration, trees, and so on.

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If this project was previously in a consultation phase, keep the past updates from that consultation page:

  • For small and medium projects, moving the past updates into this accordion.
  • For large projects, demote the consultation phase page as a child page of this delivery phase page, link to it below the accordion, and update any project vanity URL to this delivery phase page.

View past updates and documents from the consultation phase of this project (link to old consultation phase page, now demoted as a child page of this delivery phase page)

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What projects relate to the broader policy context? Use a large icon per project

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The DCE Policy allows purchasers to factor in the potential costs of providing required amenities when rezoning or density bonusing occurs.

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Related projects option 2

Option to just list the related projects.

Development Contribution Expectations

Downtown: Places for People