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Park Board Integrity Commissioner

The Park Board Integrity Commissioner, as an independent officer on a 6 month term, is responsible for carrying out the duties and responsibilities set out in section 4.7 of the Park Board Code of Conduct Policy (59 KB) (referred to as the Policy). 

The Policy applies to Park Board Commissioners (elected) and Advisory Committee members (appointed) (referred to as Park Board members) and the Park Board Integrity Commissioner.

Duties and responsibilities of the Park Board Integrity Commissioner include:

  • Assisting with informal resolution of requests and complaints
  • Investigating Policy complaints
  • Providing education, advice, and recommendations to Park Board members on questions of compliance and the ethical obligations and responsibilities of members under the Policy
  • Aiding the public in their understanding of the Policy
  • Producing an annual report, including recommendations for improvements to the Policy

Complaint process

Meet Lisa Southern, Park Board Integrity Commissioner

Appointed July 4, 2023

Ms Southern’s practice focuses on work as a neutral third party for both public and private sector organizations. She has conducted investigations in all areas of workplace conflict, including those involving privacy issues, human rights, harassment, and workplace health and safety. She is frequently appointed as a mediator and arbitrates labour disputes.

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