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Location booking process

Vancouver has a lot of great neighbourhoods, parks, and buildings you can film in. All neighbourhoods have requirements or restrictions that you need to be aware of. See the individual area pages below for more information. For filming in parks, follow the Park Board filming application process.

Step 1 - Find out about restricted locations

Restricted locations - "hotspots" or "sensitive spots" - are high-demand locations which limit how often filming is allowed. Some locations have limits year-round, while other locations change as demand changes. Check with the Film Office before scouting.

Step 2 - Scout locations

Step 3 - Check the availabilty of desired locations

Once you have found suitable locations, contact the Film Office about availability. To get an answer faster, provide as much detail as you can with your request. Some of the things to mention include:

  • Where you want to film (including the street address)
  • When you want to film (including both dates and times)
  • If you plan interior or exterior shots
  • If you plan filming at a location during more than one (separate) time period
  • If you plan stunts, special effects, or gunfire
  • If you need road closures

Step 4 - Pre-book your desired locations

Send a tentative locations list to the Film Office for pre-booking as soon as possible. Include a description of the filming activity planned and the approximate times at each location. For each location, include a filming location worksheet, a street use request form, and a site map.

Your Film Office coordinator will let you know of any potential conflicts or restrictions at any of the locations.

Step 5 - Poll the surrounding neighbourhoods (if applicable)

We require film companies to poll a neighbourhood when:

  • Filming activities will be particularly invasive to a neighbourhood (for example, a major special effect).
  • A location will be used for filming on more than separate one occasion.

    ​​​Note If this is likely, contact your film coordinator as early as possible. These situations require more lead time and will likely also require a community meeting.
  • Scenes to be filmed require more hours of daylight or darkness during the City of Vancouver's filming curfew hours. The filming curfew applies to the entire city, not just residential areas.

    Note Approval to poll for an extension to the filming curfew will be granted only when all other avenues have been exhausted. Extensions will not be granted to accommodate a production’s “slipping” schedule. All requests for an extension to the curfew will be considered on an individual basis.

The Polling Guidelines have detailed information and sample letters for your reference.

The Film Office will review the results of the polling. If the Film Office believes that the neighbourhood supports the requested filming activity, they will approve the requested filming activities.

Download the polling guidelines  (430 KB)

Step 6 - Notify the polled neighbourhoods about the Film Office's decision (if applicable)

Send a letter about the Film Office's decision about the filming activities for which you polled the neighbourhoods. Send the letter to all of the same addresses that were polled initially.

The Polling Guidelines have sample notification letter.

Download the polling guidelines  (430 KB)

Step 7 - Confirmed the booked locations with the Film Office

As soon as the schedule is set, send a final location list to the Film Office so that the information can be entered into our location booking system.

Various guidelines apply to the use of City property depending on the nature of the activity planned and the neighbourhood in which the activity is planned.

Ready to apply for your filming permit?

If you are ready to apply for your filming permit now, click the link below to go directly to the online application.

Apply to film

 If you are filming in a park, you will also need to fill out the Park Board's filming application.

Apply to film in parks

Contact the Film and Special Events Office

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Fax: 604-257-8859

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Make a complaint about filming

Make a complaint about a special event

Contact the Park Board Special Events Office

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