People watching painter in the park

Painters and visual artists

Are you a local artist who would like the opportunity to create and sell your artwork in Vancouver parks?

A limited number of artists are permitted to create and sell their artwork in Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park.

The intent of these permits is to exhibit and demonstrate the process of producing art.


Artists must:

  • Be 19 years old or older
  • Live in the Lower Mainland (from Hope to Whistler)
  • Provide proof of residence (BC Care Card or BC Driver's License)

Display of art work

All work must be the original work of the permitted artist. Display or sale of reproductions is not permitted.

Permitted media Non-permitted media
  • 2-dimensional work
  • Watercolour
  • Oil
  • Acrylic
  • Pastel
  • Charcoal
  • Pencil
  • Ink
  • Photography
  • Spray paint
  • Newsprint
  • Crafts
  • Prints
  • Cards
  • Sculpture

Apply for a permit

  1. Complete the online application, or print an application (468 KB) and drop it off with your payment at any Vancouver community centre
  2. Confirm your parking requirements
  3. Pay the applicable fees
  4. Make sure your permit is accessible from your smartphone or is printed and displayed while you exhibit art

Permit distribution

Painters are divided into three categories:

  • Portrait
  • Photo
  • Other (includes any style of painting that does not include live portraiture of park visitors)
Zones  Type of permit and number available 
A English Bay

Portrait: 2
Photo: 2
Other: 7

B Stanley Park Painter's Circle 

Photo: 5
Other: 30

C Stanley Park Japanese Memorial

Photo: 5
Other: 30

D Stanley Park Aquarium  Portrait: 10
E Queen Elizabeth Bloedel Conservatory

Portrait: 2
Print: 2
Photo: 2
Other: 6

Exhibits and exhibit area

Artists will choose from one of the five designated zones at the time of application. Permits will indicate the specific zone assigned to artists and cannot be transferred.

As the intent is to exhibit and demonstrate the process of producing art, artists are required to do some on-site painting or drawing.

Site selection

Portrait artists in Stanley Park will regulate site selection by lottery at an agreed upon time. All other artists will choose their site on a first come basis. No spot is designated for any particular artist.

Site size

Inside Ring: 6m x 2m (20' x 6')

Outside Ring: 6m x 3m (20' x 9')

Each artist in the "Other" category is limited to a 6m x 2m (20' x 6') site. This is for a single row of artwork with a suggestion maximum of ten easels or two rows of paintings alternated for easy viewing in 3m (10') of space. All excess material must be removed from the site.

Displaying artwork

All work is to be displayed on standard art easels or approved display stands and the top of painting may not exceed 1.5m (5') in height. Portable walls or booths are not allowed. Paintings may not be stacked in piles. In Stanley Park, artists and equipment may not be set up on pavements.

Easels may not be set up in the early morning to save a place.

Exhibition requirements

Equipment left unattended for a period of more than 30 minutes at any one time is in violation and subject to removal.

Artists working and exhibiting their paintings at Painters' Circle and at the overflow areas must have their permit with them and display it at all times.

Artists may also display a card (13cm x 18cm / 5" x 7") indicating name, address, and phone.

Areas may be subject to maintenance closures and artists need to observe maintenance postings on site.

Policies specific to portrait artists

Portrait artists may have a maximum of eight easels and display up to six samples of work. Up to five must be from life. Black and white samples are to be completed in 45 minutes; colour in 90 minutes. One display sample may feature a famous model done from a photograph, that is, either a sample or a work in progress. Work in progress on easel must change at least weekly. Samples may be changed at any time.

All samples must accurately reflect the work the artist can do on-site and the quality of work sold on-site must be equivalent to samples displayed.

Use of newsprint is not permitted for portraits. All portraits on paper (except vellum) must be sprayed with fixative.

Artists will guarantee the public the right to refuse a portrait or to have a refund within the day of purchase.

Artists may not sell portraits or mats for less than the price agreed upon by the majority of artists.

Artists may not enter into agreement with each other to support each other or collaborate in breaking the rules.

Portrait artists will annually elect a committee of portrait artists to resolve disputes and represent their interests and inform the Park Board of violations of regulations.

Current permit holders must renew their permit in a calendar year in order to maintain their ability to keep a permit.

2024 permit fees

Prices do not include tax.

Zones  High season
(per month) 
Low season
(per month) 
A – English Bay $89 $42.50
B – Stanley Park Painter's Circle  $71.25 $39.25
C – Stanley Park Japanese Memorial $54.25 $29.75
D – Stanley Park Aquarium  $71.25 $39.25
E – Queen Elizabeth Bloedel Conservatory $71.25 $39.25

Seniors 65 years or older may apply for a 25% discount.

Permit fees may be refunded on a pro-rated basis for the unused portion (after one month).


Special parking permits are no longer available for artists showing in the park. Contact Easy Park for more parking information.