Women sitting in front of a food truck

Stationary and mobile food vending in parks

The Vancouver Park Board runs the annual Summer Food Truck Program from May to October. Each spring we issue a request for proposals to sell food at select parks and beaches.

Learn about the vending sites and apply with your proposal. You need a vending permit to sell food at our parks and beaches.

Vending sites

Sites include:

  • Stanley Park Info Booth (truck or cart)
  • Queen Elizabeth Park adjacent to Bloedel Conservatory (truck or cart)
  • Kits Beach Sites (cart)
  • English Bay Beach Sites (cart)
  • Roaming Seawall/Stanley Park Vending (mobile bike or push cart)
  • 2nd Beach Concession (complimentary food item truck, cart, or stand)
  • 3rd Beach Concession (complimentary food item truck, cart, or stand)

 Generators aren't allowed at beach sites.

View a map of the sites PDF file (1.5 MB)

We will consider other sites like Victory Square, Creekside in Olympic Village, David Lam Park, Spanish Banks, Vanier Park, Yaletown Park, and more. Let us know in your proposal and we'll check if it's possible.

Key dates

Date Event
March 30, 2018 Issue request for proposals
April 20, 2018 at 4pm

Application deadline

April 27, 2018 Successful applicants chosen and contacted
May 11, 2018

Permits issued and payment due

May 18 - October 8, 2018 Operational season


Apply with your proposal

Prepare the required documents

  1. 400-word explanation of how you'll bring unique and complementary food offerings to the site
    • We seek creative, quality, and culturally-diverse menu offerings.
  2. Menu for customers, including the name, description, and selling price with taxes
    • Show which foods or products are:
      • Made from scratch
      • Local
      • Whole, unprocessed, or fresh
      • Organic
      • Fair trade or sustainably harvested
    • Show your primary local producers, including farms, manufacturers, bakeries, and so on, where possible.
    • We review menus based on their overall appeal, quality, uniqueness, diversity, and how well they balance the food offered by other park restaurants and concessions.
  3. Proposed flat fee structure
    • Trucks, pull carts, or stands: minimum $2,500 plus GST
    • Push carts and bikes: minimum $1,500 plus GST
  4. Top 3 choices for park and beach site locations, including other sites not listed above
    • We don't allow generators at beach sites.
    • If you prefer another site, we will check if it's possible.
  5. Proposed operating days and hours
    • We need all sites to operate at least 5 days per week, 4 to 6 hours per day, weather permitting.
  6. Copy of your current health permit and any health inspection reports from the last year (if you already operate)
  7. Copy of your current Food Safe Certificate Level 1
    • We prefer applications with Food Safe Certificate Level 2.
  8. Copy of your hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) plan for your primary menu items
  9. Details of your commissary facility and a confirmed or tentative lease agreement
    • Vancouver Coastal Health must have approved the commissary as a food preparation facility.
  10. Copy of your existing vending unit schematic, drawn to scale and showing equipment details.
    • Include interior drawings to scale, exterior dimensions of length and width, and a separate water system diagram.
    • Show how your unit is powered (there is no power available on-site).
  11. Current photo of your vending unit
  12. Waste management plan of how you'll collect, remove, and dispose of all garbage, recyclables, and compostable materials from the site
    • Show how you'll use recyclable or compostable containers and utensils, and how you'll cut packaging.
  13. Other sustainability or waste-management initiatives that benefit your proposal
  14. Your company's ownership, and who will operate the site and their qualifications
  15. Other business details (where you currently operate, history, and relevant qualifications)
  16. Plan to start operations by May 6

Mail the required documents

Joan Probert
Supervisor of Business Services
Vancouver Park Board Administration Office
2099 Beach Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6G 1Z4

How we review proposals

Due to the limited number of sites, we choose vendors based on the following criteria.

  1. Completeness of information in your proposal
  2. Suitability of your products and menu for the requested site (uniqueness, appeal, quality, nutrition, and balance with existing food offered at the site)
  3. Valid health permit and food safety compliance
  4. Competitiveness of your proposed flat fee structure
  5. Size of your vending unit and its suitability for the site
  6. Readiness to operate on May 6 when the program starts
  7. Sustainability of your operation (ingredients, packaging, and waste management)

Street and sidewalk vending

Sidewalk vending

There are a number of opportunities for kiosks, carts, and other retail businesses on City sidewalks.