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Circular Food Innovation Lab 2

The lab placed the issue of food waste into the minds of staff on my retail floor. They were empowered—their choices were having direct impact on the massive problem of food waste

Feedback from a CFIL-1 participant

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Join our second Circular Food Innovation Lab (CFIL-2) and help tackle wasted food in your business and across your supply chain. 

Rising costs and shifts in consumer spending have affected all food sectors. As of July 2023, 50% of Canadian food service companies were operating at a loss or just breaking even.

In CFIL-2, we're working with businesses and institutions to address systemic supply chain issues from the perspective of resiliency and sustainable practices. This project will also help inform future polices on wasted food, building on the success of our first  Circular Food Innovation Lab.

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We're accepting interested individuals or food businesses that are interested in participating in this program.

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Missed our information session?

Our online information session on June 19, which described the project and how to participate, has concluded.

If you missed the information session or would like to be contacted for a one-to-one conversation in July and August, let us know by completing our application form.

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Here is our progress and planned milestones.

  • December 2023

    City of Vancouver is awarded a grant from the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Game Changer Fund (CNCA)

  • May 2024

    Recruitment of business participants begins

  • June 19 2024

    Information session

  • We are here
  • July to August 2024

    One-to-one meetings with businesses who have completed the application form

  • October 2024 to October 2025

    Participants will work with designers to identify possible solutions to wasted food they can test and learn from.

  • October 2025

    Learnings from prototyping will be compiled into a final public report.

  • February 2026

    Release of final report and CFIL-2 prototype collection