Shopping Bag By-Law Support Plan

Reusable shopping bags can be dropped off at the Vancouver Zero Waste Centre and will be provided to residents in need.

By-law exemptions for charities and non-profits

Charities and non-profits are not required to charge fees on paper bags and reusable bags used to provide food for free or at low cost.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, charitable food services may also continue to use plastic shopping bags to provide essential services.

Vancouver’s ban on plastic shopping bags and fees for paper bags and new reusable bags started on January 1, 2022.

We’re taking action to minimize potential impacts to residents with low incomes and people experiencing homelessness.

Reusable shopping bag donation and distribution program

Many residents have accumulated excess reusable bags over time, while other residents may not have enough bags for daily use.

Sharing the abundance of existing bags with each other is the most environmentally friendly option for reducing waste and avoiding bag fees.

Residents can donate reusable shopping bags at the Vancouver Zero Waste Centre. Donated bags will be made available to residents with low incomes and people experiencing homelessness.


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Free and low-cost resources

Download a list of organizations that offer free- or low-cost meals or groceries and clothing to residents in need.

Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy

With your help, we've created a strategy to dramatically reduce waste from single-use items.