Going to indoor swimming pools during COVID-19

Vancouver Aquatic Centre pool and fitness centre will be closed for maintenance from August 3 to September 6.

COVID-19 restart: indoor pools

July 9, 2021: Effective July 12, swim capacities are increased and a limited number of drop-in sessions for indoor and outdoor pools are available in-person, on a first come, first served basis. Advance online registration is highly recommended to secure a spot. Register for a swim session.

Swimming lessons for preschoolers, children, and youths are available with limited capacities. Register for lessons.

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Masks are recommended in our facilities, and can be provided at the front desk.

No-show guidelines

May 7, 2021: Due to the limited number of available recreation sessions and to allow more community members to enjoy our facilities, no-show guidelines apply to all registered fitness, pool, and rink sessions.

Effective May 8, 2021, customers will be able to withdraw online at vanrec.ca from all Park Board fitness, pool, and rink sessions with a scheduled start date of May 11 and onward.

Learn more about the no-show guidelines

COVID-19 safety measures

In the interests of comfort and safety, we are:

  • Reducing the amount of people who can visit at one time
  • Creating timed swim sessions (45 minutes for lap swimming and 90 minutes for casual swimming)
  • Selling tickets online for swim sessions
  • Clearing and cleaning the pool after every 90 minute session
  • Closing saunas and steam rooms

 Masks are recommended in our facilities, and can be provided at the front desk.

Plan your visit

What you need to know before you arrive:

  • Twenty per cent of tickets will be reserved for drop-in sessions. You can also register online in advance for swim sessions. 
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your start time to be checked in
  • Admission begins five minutes before the swim session start time 
  • Leave all valuables at home
  • Towel rental is unavailable

Visit the pool

When you arrive, here's what to expect:

  • Follow the signs to the new entrances. There's one for ticket holders and one for drop-ins.
  • Follow the entrance and exit signs for the washrooms.
  • Exit the facility within 15 minutes at the end of your swim session.
  • Follow staff directions and ask for assistance if needed.

Customers who don't follow the rules and safety guidelines of the pool may be asked to leave without a refund or prevented from registering for future sessions.

Lane etiquette

  • Each double-wide lane has a capacity of eight swimmers.
  • Do not change lanes if it will result in having more than eight swimmers in a lane.
  • Do not stop to rest at the end of the lane. Climb out of the pool to rest on the deck.

Swimming lessons

  • Swimming lessons are offered at all eight indoor pools and Maple Grove outdoor pool for pre-school, children, and youth age groups.
  • Registration for pre-school and Swim Kids lessons start on June 16, 9am. Infant, toddler, and adult lessons are not available at this time.
  • There is limited capacity in the number of lessons offered and the number of students per activity

Learn about registration, what to expect, and new safety guidelines for swimming lessons before registering.


If you are unable to attend a swim session for which you have registered, please cancel in advance to receive a refund. Cancellation requests should be submitted by accessing your account at vanrec.ca by 11:59pm the day before your session. Requests by phone or in-person must be done by 3pm the day before your session or by Friday 3pm for weekend sessions. Missed sessions will not be refunded. 

Find the phone number for your recreation facility


Updated guidelines

  • Swim capacities increased across public swim sessions, length swims, and Aquafit
  • A limited number of drop-in sessions will be available in-person, on a first come, first-served basis
  • Drop-in sales will start 30 minutes before swim start time for all sessions
  • Registered spots will not be sold to drop-in customers
  • Late entries will be accepted at any time during the session but all swimmers must leave at the designated end time
  • Swim types (length, public, older adults, Aquafit) will remain the same. Participants will be limited to the swim type that they were admitted for.

Registration opens three days in advance, and closes 30 minutes before the session starts.

Flexipasses and 10-visit passes are accepted for online session registration. Flexipass holders can now contact a recreation facility to reactivate a pass, request a credit on account, receive a refund, or keep a pass suspended temporarily.

No-show guidelines apply to all registered pool sessions, including sessions registered with a pass. If unable to attend a session for which you have registered, you must cancel in advance by accessing your vanrec.ca account. Learn more about the no-show guidelines

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Public swim Length swim 55+ swim 

Bubble Swim Aquafit

Tip: In the registration system, filter swim sessions by location(s) to get sessions at your preferred pool.

Registration for a swim session allows for multiple participants. After selecting this activity, you can add a participant within the same age bracket by using the "purchase multiple admissions for this activity" field. Additional participants within another age bracket can be added by choosing "register another participant for this activity" key.

Bubble Swims are sessions for a group of up to eight people, including adults and children, from the same household. Sessions are 45 minutes long and take place in the warm, and shallow teach pool. Only one adult per household is required to register for these swims.

Leisure Access Program (LAP)

  • The 100% discount is automatically applied to City of Vancouver residents who are currently enrolled in LAP.
  • Ensure that your account is set up correctly and that your pass is linked to your current account.
  • Email recreation@vancouver.ca if you have a problem with your account.
  • If you don't have a OneCard or you're not a current LAP member, you will need to pay the regular admission fee.
  • Bring your OneCard when you arrive at the pool.