Sidewalk inspection

Concrete sidewalk

Any construction of sidewalks, curbs, crossings, gutters, and asphalt aprons on City property requires a sidewalk inspection.

The inspection must be completed before any concrete or asphalt is poured, to check the forms and base.  


  1. To book a sidewalk inspection, phone your building site inspector at least two business days before you would like the inspection to take place.
  2. The length of the inspection itself will vary, depending on how much work must be inspected, and what the inspector finds once on site.
  3. The inspector will tell you the results of the inspection while they are on site or later by phone.

Booking an inspection

To book an inspection for permitted work, phone the building site inspector named on your Street Use Permit. If you cannot find your permit, phone 3-1-1.

Cancelling an inspection

To cancel an inspection, phone the inspector that you have the inspection booked with.


The fee is based on the work area. For 2012, the fees range from $54.72 to $384.18. Taxes are additional.

Inspection fees are included in the permit. The fee will cover a return visit by the inspector UNLESS:

  • You miss one or more meetings with the inspector OR
  • The inspector finds a lot of work which is not done OR
  • The inspector finds a lot of work which is not done to code.

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