Water exemption permits

Water exemption permits are available for new lawns and natural pest control using Nematodes.

When you can apply for an exemption

You can apply for a water exemption permit if you are:

 Landscaping professionals seeking four or more permits for multiple clients should contact directly, as these will need to be prepared in advance.

When exemptions will not be issued

Water Exemption Permits will not be issued in Stage 3 or Stage 4 of the Water Shortage Response Plan, By-law 8912. Existing permits issued in Stage 1 or 2 can continue to be used in Stage 3 or 4.

Apply for your permit in person

Bring your receipt for lawn seed, sod, or nematode treatment, in person to:

Engineering Client Services
5th floor, 507 West Broadway
(at Cambie Street)

We are open Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

We accept credit, debit, cash, or cheque.

Permit fees

Taxes are extra.

Permit type  Cost 
New lawn  $35.31
Treatment for pest infestation $20