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New community garden at Creekside Community Recreation Centre

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New garden approved

The World in a Garden has developed a proposal for a temporary community garden located near the east entrance of Creekside Community Recreation Centre.

The Vancouver Park Board approved the project on February 17, 2014, after community engagement process that sought input from residents.

The community garden will be built in spring 2014.

Garden features

The approved concept for the garden includes the following amenities:

  • Mobile garden beds that can be easily moved or dismantled
  • Accessible garden beds for people of all ages and abilities, with activities tied to community centre programs
  • Community gathering spaces with benches and seating
  • Integrated children’s play area
  • Themed demonstration gardens with an education focus, including:
    • Indigenous food plants
    • Vertical growing wall and trellis
    • Rain garden
    • Culinary herb garden
    • Pollinator beds
  • Multilingual signs for greater accessibility and self-guided tours
  • Rain barrels for water conservation
  • Reused and repurposed materials from nearby businesses
  • Tool storage shed and compost

View garden location and concept plan  (6 MB)

How to get a garden plot

To get involved with the community garden project, please contact thegardenatcreekside@gmail.com.

Contact the planning team

Mailing address
Vancouver Park Board
2099 Beach Ave
Vancouver BC, V6G 1Z4

Phone: 604-257-8432