People in a community kitchen

Community kitchens

There are many city-affiliated community kitchens across the city in neighbourhood houses and community centres, as well as non-city affiliated kitchens in churches and in social agencies. 

Publicly accessible kitchens are an important resource for:

  • Supporting community education
  • Social connections
  • Skills and leadership training
  • Community development
  • Access to food

Kitchen purposes

Community kitchens are used in many ways including:

  • Food skills and educational programming: Teaching and practicing food preparation, healthy eating, and preservation skills
  • Meal provision and food service: Serving senior’s lunches, after school snacks, or on-site event catering
  • Food rescue: Receiving large quantities of produce and processing into other foods such as soup, jams, juice, and dried veggies
  • Social ventures and small businesses: Selling to farmers’ market vendors or making small scale jam and baking 
  • Community celebrations and gatherings: Serving neighbourhood parties and holiday celebrations


Putting your kitchen to work  (1.65 MB): This toolkit of resources and best practices will support community programmers to engage community members through kitchens and food based programming. 

Kitchen design guidelines  (68 KB): These guidelines can be used when renovating an existing publicly-accessible kitchen or designing  a new kitchen.

Community kitchen resources through the Greater Vancouver Food Bank : A community kitchen is an activity where people gather and prepare meals together. 

Neighbourhood Food Networks : These networks offer food skills training.

Community Centres : Many offer cooking classes.          

Food Skills for Families : A 6 week cooking program.